More leading real estate industry figures are tipping Brisbane to be the strongest property market in Australia for the next few years.

John McGrath, the founder of McGrath Real Estate is the latest to join in after making some great predictions for the area when speaking in Brisbane at a function last week.

Mr McGrath said he was “very, very confident” in the current market and that the value gap between Sydney and Brisbane would start to close because property in Brisbane is undervalued and is due for a catch up.

According to CoreLogic home value index the median house price in Brisbane is almost half that of Sydney’s, meaning there is certainly a lot of room for growth in the capital city that is set to have the highest population growth over the next 20-30 years.

While we do agree with this article, you still need to do the proper research and not over generalise areas. There are many areas in and around Brisbane that will be good investments but you need to look out for those areas that will be oversupplied or which aren’t receiving investments for local infrastructure etc.

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