Experts predict Sunshine Coast real estate prices will skyrocket on the back of rising infrastructure spending, industry growth, jobs and lifestyle.

Property research company Hotspotting named Sunshine Coast as a real estate winner in their latest National Top 10 Best Buys report. “There are more growth suburbs on the Sunshine Coast than any other local government area in Australia,” the report said.

Hotspotting founder, Terry Ryder, said there are opportunities from Caloundra to Noosa. “It is transitioning to becoming a well-rounded regional economy and it is happening largely through infrastructure spending, some of which is creating new industries,” Mr Ryder said.

There is a lot being spent in the area and when you add up all the infrastructure projects and other developments, there is over $20 billion.

With this much investment happening in the area, real estate prices will continue to rise as we see more jobs created and a shift in the main industries that people work in throughout the area.

The key to success is taking advantage of these opportunities is to take action now when everyone is still looking at what is happening in the areas. If you would like to get in to this growing area then contact us today to find out how.


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