There has been a lot happening in the property market and as I am sure you would have seen in the media, Sydney and Melbourne markets are correcting. North of the border though, South East Queensland is beginning to take off just as we predicted and this is great news for anyone who has bought in the market. Our Education Visit shows that when Brisbane goes it takes off very quickly but only for a short time, meaning anyone who has got into the market in the last few years, or anyone getting into the market right now will see a huge benefit.


Below are some recent articles on the property market in Brisbane and South East Queensland, all of which are relevant to your property.

  • While this article focuses on suburbs close to the CBD, the same thing is happening in the key suburbs around the CBD too.

  • This article shows the local South East Queensland market has high confidence in what is happening in the area. In the end the market is what drives property prices, and the following stats are very interesting when it comes to market confidence. “3% of homeowners expected to see prices “decrease a little”… compared to the rest of the nation where figures show 13 per cent of homeowners expected the value of their properties to fall this year.”

  • Some more great things happening in South East Queensland with the prime minister putting his support behind the biggest “city deal” in Australia.