Why it makes sense to invest in property

Property has created more wealth for people than any other form of investment.

Due to Australia’s steady population growth, stable government and financial system, along with support from international investors, there has been no better time to invest in Australia than now.


Pay off your mortgage faster

Half the time it takes to pay off your home mortgage using proven strategies and capital growth in multiple investments

Receive more tax back

We all love tax returns and you can love it even more with your investment property giving you an extra $7,000 – $12,000 a year!

Leverage other peoples money

Everyone knows that the banks take money off us, so why not use an investment strategy to create wealth while using the banks money

Grow your super faster

With Australian super becoming increasingly important you need to be in control of this and nothing is more secure than a self managed fund investing in property

Setup you and your family's future

Create a strategy and lifestyle for your family that allows you not to worry about your children’s financial future while being able to enjoy your life

Retire earlier

Don’t work until you are 70 years of age, create a strategy that allows you to retire when You want to

transforming your relationship with property investing

How to Invest in Property

Our goal is to work with you every step of the way and through this we offer all our education services to you free of charge.

We only choose investments for our clients that we are happy to invest in ourselves, and in most cases our staff are investing in the exact same properties.

Below is our investment system which has been developed through years of experience and has an impressive record for delivering high returns with minimal risk.


Knowledge is power. Use our years of experience, research capabilities and resources to educate yourself before buying an investment property

Investment Fact Find

Allow us to understand more about you and your financial goals. Before diving into any investing you should always begin with a clearly defined destination.


Finance is a very important stage but is often left too late. We teach you how to structure your finance and work closely with your bank/broker and accountant or can recommend one if needed.


Once you know your financial capabilities we help you to setup a strategy that suits your situation and allow you to grow wealth while living your current lifestyle.

Select Your Property

Selecting your property is invaluable to your overall strategy and with over 9mil properties in Australia it can be very difficult to know which one is right for you. We have a proven and very detailed process which allows us to find the right property for you.

Finalise Purchase

We work on your behalf to coordinate all parties, from your broker/bank to your solicitor, to ensure your property purchase runs smoothly. If you don’t have the required parties then we can recommend one too.

Rent Your Property

Having a good property manager is vitaly important to keeping holding costs low. We help you in selecting the best property managers in the area ensuring your property is well maintained, and always tenanted with first class tenants

Regular Reviews and Guidance

You will receive regular reviews of your properties and goals. Our goal is to assist you in growing your property portfolio and realising the goals that you set out to achieve in the investment fact find stage


Can I Invest if I don't own a home

Yes. While it may be more difficult to obtain the initial deposit required you can certainly invest while renting or living at home with your parents. As long as you can service the loan this is something a lot of first time investors are doing now.

How much Super do I need to invest in a SMSF?

This goal post is always changing so it is best to speak to someone about it but at the time of writing this the minimum was $200,000 and a 30% deposit on the property.

Are you ready to become financially free?

Ask one of our property strategist how you can build your future wealth and retire comfortably without hurting your lifestyle now.