Sadia Abid
Sadia Abid
Senior Property Strategist

Sadia Abid comes from a family of property investors. Her father, who had a successful career in the property investment space, is an inspiration to her. His success was built on strategic and astute investment – something she is emulating for herself and her clients.

With a keen eye for investment opportunities and an intuition that has led her to build a strong portfolio of properties, Sadia is now in a position to enable her clients to create their own successful portfolios. Over her career, she has helped many clients – some who were looking for a comfortable retirement, others who were looking to build a passive income.

Many of her clients have achieved investment goals that they may not have realised were possible without her insight. Owing to her perceptive nature, which she is known for, she is able to identify sound investment opportunities and offer her clients a bespoke service tailored to their individual wants and needs.

For an appointment which will inform you of the opportunities available, contact Sadia.


  • The guys at Mavern Realty guided us from beginning to end when we wanted to find a property to buy with our SMSF. John and Aaron found us the ideal property, helped us arrange the finance and have been with us right through to when we now have a tenant.

    Lynne and Kevin
  • Sadia is dedicated, energetic, positive and conscientious in whatever she undertakes to do. She is a friend, as well as, a support in my quest for financial comfort. What I found to be Sadia’s best asset is her ability to keep it simple and honest. I wish her all the very best.

    Andrew Christie
  • Being over the age of 55 we are both getting close to retirement and realised that we didn’t have anything setup for our future. Given our age we both didn’t think it would be possible to do anything about this but the team at Maven Realty helped us to own an investment property that was cash flow positive which was perfect for us moving into retirement.

    Martin and Lorraine
  • From the initial consultation, our consultant Sadia clearly understood our financial situation and objectives, which allowed us to comfortably be guided through the loan application, property search, offer and settlement with ease.

    Ali Jabbar
  • After meeting with Sadia the next step didn’t seem so great and after going through the process with them my investment dream has become a reality.

    Taqui & Fawzia Afzal