Transforming your relationship with property investing

Whether you are a first time investor, looking to build your property portfolio, or just wanting to learn more, Maven Realty has the experience, resources and knowledge to help guide you through your property investment journey.

Over 80% of our clients are referred to us from other clients and we pride ourselves in not only educating our clients but also holding your hand through the entire journey.

We call it a win-win-win strategy.
You win when we help you get into a growing investment property and then are capable of growing your property portfolio faster.
We win because once we make you money you will want us to help you again to grow your property portfolio.
Your friends and family win when because once you are making money you will want to tell them all about our strategies and how we have helped you to be set for an earlier retirement.

Your Journey to Success


To be successful in anything, you never stop learning, and property investing is the same. Start now by downloading our free e-books or reading our blog.

Goal Setting

Being successful in property investing is based on establishing your ideal destination. One of our property strategists will work closely with you to help create and achieve your end goal.

Create your Strategy

A goal without a strategy won’t get you anywhere so our property strategists use their experience and knowledge to set a strategy for you that will ensure your end goal is reached.


Choosing the right property to invest in is both complicated and time-consuming. Allow us to take to this pressure off you and ensure that you start your investment journey on the right track



By growing and diversifying your property portfolio, we will guide you to financial freedom faster. While property is always going to be a long term investment, our goal is to ensure we are investing in the areas that are ready for growth allowing you to expand your portfolio with us

Financial Freedom

Your strategy will provide you with a clear exit plan and this is now where you realise your end goal. Our aim is to help you achieve your goals faster so you can live the life you have always dreamed of instead of working for the rest of your life

First time Investor

Making the first step into the property investing world can be a very daunting one and we understand that their are many fears that you will be questioning through the entire process. We appreciate you are investing either your hard earned savings, or equity from your family home, so we want to ensure that you make the right decisions in this crucial first stage of your investment journey.

You will be partnered with a property strategist who has extensive knowledge of the market and after gaining an understanding of your financial situation and goals, we will educate you, create an investment strategy for you, and then guide you through every step of the process.

Your property strategist will be there to help you through the entire journey while educating you along the way so you understand exactly what you are doing through each step. On top of this you will have access to all resources which are designed to give you more knowledge and inspire you to build your property portfolio. Knowledge is power so this is the key to a safe and rewarding investment journey.

Building Your Property Portfolio

This is for those of you who already own 1, 2 or more investment properties. Our team of property strategists have the knowledge and understanding to review your strategy and get you closer to realising your financial goals.

Often investors stop at 1 investment property and it is purely because they don’t have the right strategy in place to help grow their wealth and meet their financial goals. For us, this is a very exciting time, as it should be for any investor, as it is when you can truly start to see your future wealth being created.

This part of the investment journey is designed to fast track your wealth creation and allow you to build a successful portfolio. Our team specialises in helping clients to move past 1 investment property as we put the right strategies in place to ensure your portfolio is correctly structured.

Investing through Super

Contact us to learn about the possibilities of investing in a Self Managed Super Fund

Are you ready to become financially free?

Ask one of our property strategist how you can build your future wealth and retire comfortably without hurting your lifestyle now.